Stop Making These Five Mistakes in 2018

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It’s a New Year, 2018 is here!  And, February is quickly approaching!

Do you have big goals and plans for this year? Are you still working on goals and plans you had last year, two years ago, or even five years ago?

What happened? Why aren’t you accomplishing your goals?

To help you get this year off on the right track, check out this list of the five mistakes you could be making and need to stop doing now.


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others.  You can never move forward comparing yourself to others. It is so easy to get distracted by what everyone else around you is doing.  Social media can be so misleading. It’s not always what it looks like.  Also, we don’t know what that person has experienced to arrive at the place they are now.  In the past, I would compare myself to other great speakers and I would shut down because I felt that I wasn’t as eloquent in my speech as they are.  Now, I’ve decided that I will continue to do my best and continue to share my story in my own way.

Diamond Chip: Comparison is the Thief of Joy and it is also the Thief of Progress. 

2. Stop Trying to Please Everyone. It’s okay to say NO!  We can’t be Everything to Everybody. There was a time I wanted to please everyone. I worried rather or not they would like me. I was so anxious to make sure I talked and walked right. Really?!  Let’s face it, we can do our very best and still not get the approval of some people. One of the most freeing things I have learned in life is that everyone doesn’t have to like me and it’s perfectly fine.

Diamond Chip: Be True to Yourself and Stop Caring What Others Think.

3. Stop Putting Yourself Down. Are you constantly beating yourself up? Did you know putting yourself down can be damaging to your self-esteem? It’s not only the words you say aloud but also your internal self-talk. The thoughts we have about ourselves are what matter the most. I’ve been going live daily on Facebook with the “I AM” Challenge. This is to challenge you with saying positive and powerful statements about yourself. If you say I am stupid, you will start to believe it and so will others. We can’t control what others say about us, but we can control what we say about ourselves. 

Diamond Chip: Love Yourself and Stop Beating up on Yourself.

4. Stop Making Excuses. Omg, we all have excuses! I don’t know about you, but I’m done with the excuses. Just to list a few…I’m not ready yet, I can’t do it, I’m too busy, I will do it tomorrow, I’m too old, I’m too fat, I’m too young, I’m not smart enough and the list goes on. We have to stop making excuses. Successful people get their goals achieved each day, no matter how big or small. They don’t make excuses.  “There are only two options: make progress or make excuses ~ Tony Robbins

Diamond Chip: There is Always a Way, No More Excuses.

5. Stop Looking Back. You can’t move forward while looking back. Can you imagine getting in your car and setting the GPS to a new destination and instead of focusing on where you’re going you are constantly looking in the rear-view mirror, back in the opposite direction? Of course not, it would end in disaster. We are trying to move forward in our lives while looking back. Why? Could it be we are afraid of the unknown? Afraid of change? “There are far, better things ahead, than any we leave behind” ~ C.S. Lewis

Diamond Chip: Let’s Keep Moving Forward to Our Destiny.

If you are really ready for a different and successful year, you must STOP MAKING THESE MISTAKES NOW!

Declaration: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~ Philippians 4:13

It’s your time to SHINE!