Altregia Jordan offers more than 20 years of insight and experience.

Single mom turned small business owner, Altregia was a woman determined to make it to the top and make big dreams a reality. Passionate in her pursuit of entrepreneurship, Altregia used savings that she managed to scrape together while raising four daughters and opened a nail salon. This salon, Elegance Nails, was the first Black owned nail salon in Newnan, Georgia. Even then, Altregia was a history maker.

Now, with more than 20 years of experience in the nail industry and after experiencing the challenges that many entrepreneurs face, Altregia has decided to offer consulting services. Altregia’s consulting services offer personalized and strategic consultation packages designed to help you become the BEST you that you've always envisioned. Professional consultations will focus on improving performance, client management, and quality assurance. Personal consultations will include coaching sessions aimed at building confidence, goal setting and life management. It is Altregia's ultimate goal that each client gains permanent confidence and skills that will help them succeed and make their dreams a reality. It's your time to shine!

A Message From Altregia

I’d like you to remember three powerful words that God revealed to me: Educate, Motivate, Celebrate. My ultimate goal is to passionately EDUCATE you by using my life experiences as learning opportunities. As the eloquent Maya Angelou said, "When you learn, teach. When you get, give." Secondly, I will MOTIVATE you to dream big and never give up! It’s time to walk in your greatness. You were divinely and wonderfully created to be great. Last but not least, we must CELEBRATE all of our accomplishments as we learn and grow. Join the movement and let's embark on the journey of walking in your greatness!